Money and know-how to make your playground dreams come true


Ready, set, go

Ready, Set, Go

Your Dream Playground project profile is complete! It is now visible to potential volunteers and donors.

I voted
I Voted

Vote for your favorite project in the Playground Design Contest or the Playground Video Contest.

Early adopter
Early Adopter

I helped test Our Dream Playground!


Help make someone's dream come true! Make a donation to a playground project.


Take the lead on a playground project. It's a huge job-but somebody has to do it!

Build vet
Build Vet

Volunteer on a Build Day for a playground project.

Team captain
Team Captain

Captain of one of the seven teams dedicated to building your dream playground.

Construction team
Construction Team

This group is responsible for finding the best playground equipment money can buy.

Food team
Food Team

The Food Team plays a key role in making volunteers productive, happy, and energetic... by feeding their appetites.

Fundraising team
Fundraising Team

The fundraising team raises all of the cash needed for the project.

Logistics team
Logistics Team

The Logistics team works behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Pr team
PR Team

The PR Team will be working closely with local media and will also produce all project flyers, banners, and posters.

Youth team
Children's Activities Team

The Children's Activities team gets children and youth involved in every aspect of the project.

Opinion maker
Opinion Maker

Start Talking! Add a comment to a photo, playground record, or blog post.

Volunteer team
Volunteer Team

The Volunteer Recruitment team is responsible for securing volunteers needed throughout the entire process.

Safety team
Safety Team

The Safety team makes sure that the playspace build is safe for everyone involved, and educates local children about playspace safety.


Member of the Alumni Network, a group of veteran playground builders.


Provide advice and help to a project on Our Dream Playground.

Alumni leadership council
Alumni Leadership Council

Member of the Alumni Leadership Council

Spruce grantee
Spruce Grantee

Earn a grant to help spruce up your playspace (and then tell us about it!)

Lights, camera, play!
Lights, Camera, Play!

Share a video to the online community, or upload a video in the Playground Video Contest.

Busy bee
Busy Bee

Volunteer for a playground build BEFORE the day of the build.


Recruit all team captains for your project.

Had our dream
Had Our Dream

Hold a Design Day, where local kids imagine what their dream playground would be.

Wish granted
Wish Granted

Receive a grant to help fund the building of your playground project.

Ready, set, go
Ready, Set, Go

Your Dream Playground project profile is complete! It is now visible to potential volunteers and donors.

In the bank
In the Bank!

Raised X% of total money needed.

Site secured
Site Secured

Secure the land for your playground project.

1st dollar donated
1st Dollar Donated

Receive your first donation.

Dream came true
Dream Came True!

Build your dream playground!

Lights, camera, action!
Lights, Camera, Action!

Upload a video to your playground project.

Receive Donation

Congratulations on receiving a donation!

Youth Scout

You recruited youth co-chairs to help with your playground project!

Took a Look

You took a look! You evaluated playspace sites in your neighborhood!

Site Inspector

You helped conduct your site evaluation!

Check It Twice

Checkin' it twice... Your utility check and soil tests are complete!

X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot! You helped choose your playground site!

Best Guess

You took your best guess! You estimated the number of build volunteers!

Safety First

Safety First! You helped research playspace safety guidelines!

Check the Math

You've discussed your accounting procedures! Don't forget to check the math!

Who's Hungry?

Who's hungry? You've determined which events need food service!

Final Countdown

Countdown! You helped establish a Construction Team timeline!

Hatched a Plan

You hatched a project plan for your playground!

Ready for Your Closeup

Get ready for your closeup! You helped create a PR strategy for your playground build!

Fire Up The Grill

Fire up the grill! You helped assign food prep responsibilities!

Money Matters

Money matters! You helped devise a fundraising strategy!

Site Surveyed

You surveyed your build site and created a site map!

Project Storyteller

You identified your story! Now share it with the world!

Design done
Design Done

Chose a design for your playground.

All hands on deck
All Hands on Deck

Recruit all volunteers needed for your project.

Chow time
Chow Time

All food donations have been committed!

Site prepped
Site Prepped

The build site is prepared and ready to be built upon.

Spit & polish
Spit & Polish

Complete a plan for ongoing maintenance after the build.

What are badges?

You'll earn badges for project tasks you complete, like recruiting team captains, ordering equipment, and getting your first donation.

Badges help to qualify your project for fundraising and grant opportunities — and they increase your project's chances of being highlighted on the Our Dream Playground homepage, which will help you attract more donors and volunteers.

Badges also help us identify YOU as someone who is committed to saving play! You can earn personal badges for sharing photos, adding updates, participating in our online trainings, and much more.

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